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In our company you will find one of the oldest fruit species, of great economic and social importance: the walnut.

We are selling the products of France based Linard Pepinieres

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Besides the Romanian walnut varieties, in the conditions of the subcarpathian area, varieties from France, Germany, USA, Bulgaria are also tested in order to improve the existing assortment. So far, some of them have given promising results. These are the terminal fruiting variety Franquette, the lateral fruiting variety Ferjean and Vina. Other varieties are also being tested in the same area: Farnette, Fernor, Lara. In the following, we briefly present the main characteristics of the walnut varieties that we sell and that have stood out during testing in the growing conditions of the subcarpathian area.




The tree is medium vigorous with semi-erect habit. It shows lateral fruiting, earliness and constancy in fruiting. Flowering is late and of the protandrous type. Fruits are ovoid-elliptic, weighing 10-12 g. The stone is of good quality, it represents 48-49 % of the fruit weight, is easy to extract and has a pleasant taste and a light colour. It is currently expanding in France and other walnut-growing countries.


It is the main cultivated variety. The fruit of this already classic walnut variety is considered to be of the highest quality of the terminal fruiting varieties. The tree is vigorous, with a semi-erect habit. Thanks to the late budding and flowering it escapes the danger of late spring frosts. The fruit set is quite early (5-6 years after planting) and ensures constant and relatively abundant yields (2.0-2.5 t/ha).


The Fernette variety was also developed as a hybrid between Franquette X Lara in 1993 in France and is frost resistant. It is distinguished by its very high pollen count which makes it a very good pollinator for Fernor. Their shells are very hard but easy to open the core is extracted in very good condition. Its average height is 32-36 mm, average diameter 27-32 mm, weight between 11 and 12g. It differs from Fernor by its round shape.


Chandler is a very productive variety. It is a lateral bearer with 90% of its side branches productive. It therefore offers very high productivity. You can start harvesting fruit even 3 years after planting the nut seedlings.Valve suture is good with thin and slightly pronounced suture edge. Their shells are weak and brittle, easily broken by hand and have a slightly wavy surface. Its average height is 38-40 mm, average diameter 32-34 mm, weight between 11 and 13.7 g.


Variety obtained in France. It is currently the main side-fruiting walnut variety used in France for the establishment of intensive fruit fence plantations. The tree is of medium vigour and semi-erect habit. It is an early variety in terms of productivity. The flowering is late, of the protandrous type. Pollinators are Franquette and Fernor. The fruit is 11-13 g, the skin is smooth and thin, and the kernel has a beautiful appearance representing 49-51% of the weight of the nut.

Nuc forestier NG38, NG23, MJ209

Walnut is important for obtaining timber, which is considered the best for the furniture industry, obtaining high quality veneer, the automobile industry and luxury canopies and stabilizing the soil by its roots deep in the ground. The walnut tree is excellently suited to growing conditions in Romania;


An imposing tree, which at maturity reaches a height of 15-20 m if trained as a tree, or a beautiful ornamental tree if trained as a bush. The fruits are edible, very delicious, ripening in mid-October. It is not soil sensitive, requires weak acid soil and moderate humidity. We deliver 100-120 cm, well rooted seedlings.


The Huge Halle's - variety with very large, spherical, strongly notched fruit, has completely dark fruit, reaches maturity in September. The hazelnut is a valuable species with pleasant tasting fruit and is a very nourishing food due to its high content of oils (50-73%), proteins (12-18%), vitamins and minerals.