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In our company you will find one of the most appreciated varieties of hazelnuts. Contact us for a personalised offer!

Nuci altoiți. Castani. Aluni. Nuc forestier. Livadă proprie.

About hazelnuts

Peanuts are a particularly good source of healthy fats, protein and fibre.
A high intake of peanuts may reduce colorectal cancer. The isoflavones, resveratrol and phenolic acid in peanuts may reduce the risk of cancer.



Alune Uriașe de Halle®

Uriase de Halle® - variety with very large, spherical, strongly notched fruit, has completely dark fruit, reaches maturity in September. The peanut is a valuable species with pleasant tasting fruit and is a very nourishing food due to its high content of oils (50-73%), proteins (12-18%), vitamins and minerals.